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Welsh Poppy road to saving money in 2014

Happy New Year

I have a £130 credit with Sky...they over charged us for a year!
I shall put the money into the holiday fund each month.

No spends on the grocery front as yet but will need fruit and veg at weekend.

My goal is to build our savings as we have none at the moment and would like £3,000 if possible

Our holidays will be funded by the money from my grocery budget

Our first grocery shop of the year £41.84p
Lots of fruit ,vegetables and stocked up on my Muesli half price and my pasta 75% off so jolly pleased with results.
I have deposited £50 into my holiday fund    

We are trying really hard to keep out of shops and turn our backs on supermarkets.We seem to spend our money in the German stores and farmshop with occasional treats from waitrose which I use vouchers for.

We are trying to get the best deals or do without things we dont really need.Or if we do spend it will in the long run save us money.

This past week we have:

Recycled our old clothes to CS

Saved money by taking picnic and flask on outing

Saved money on grocery shopping so far £85.00 and saved £100 in holiday tin.

Booked a cheap break so spent £56 from Holiday tin which leaves £44
We are going on a 5 days 4 nights break 31st March to Newquay West Wales we shall take all our own food and off course flasks and see what we can get up to for less    

Our major Holiday is around my birthday (it has a 0)2 weeks in Ireland and we will make it a holiday to remember.
I am not upset I am this age as I have lots of challenges going on to mark the occasion and lots of people don't get the priveldge of getting older namely my dad so I shall let my hair down and let rip    

This past week:

I have eaten out of freezer and not bought any meat will not do this until mr WP has eaten what we have first.

Turned heating down a degree to save money on warmer days

researched to get my vitamins the cheapest I can saving me £7.00

Made bread this past 2 weeks instead of buying rolls.

Going to sail to Ireland on a Tuesday saving us £100 on a return with our car and cabins  

I think we are going to save to put in a log burner and take out gas fire if we decide to stay here long term.

A fantastic start to the New Year, Welshpoppy, it's lovely that MrWP is onboard too!

Well done

Great work WP!

Sounds like you're going to have some great breaks this year.

Brilliant savings there!


Ireland trip savings

Your Ireland trip savings are amazing!

If you get the log burner will you still retain your central heating? It all sounds very exciting and I hope your plans all come to fruition.

No the central heating will stay as not part of the gas fire.
I also want an aga but that is just a pipe dream at the moment!!

This week

No meat bought

No rolls bought

I had bought for me Joules wellingtons for Christmas but too small although my size and hurt my big toe.then find my friend S is same size as me so took them along and fit her perfectly and she adores them so warm and comfortableso she †insisted on swapped me a bottle of Champagne for them(an expensive one)

Heating turned down a degree

recycled garden magazines to another friend

Our Wedding anniversary today and we are not going out to eat or bought anything as we both on diets we are going to watch a fav movie....cost FREE with lots of cuddles

Placed a Valentines/anniversary ad in local paper for free

There is trip to Lourdes with our church and flying normally it is by boat but £1200 for the 2 of us †for 5 days.I have †been pondering †for 5 days on how we could afford it on top of Ireland and we decided NO †it would be a step too far and rather go to IOW for 2 weeks if we had any money left after Ireland.



I hope you both had a lovely day.

Best and warmest wishes to you both for the coming year  


Happy Anniversary for yesterday, I wish you many many more happy years together. Have a wonderful  weekend whatever you both do. Xx

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