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Susi's 2014 improvement challenge

We did ok in 2012 but fell along the way due to loads of things.

2013 was a lot better, we cleared debt and got better at living on a bUdget. But we can do better!

This year we aim to -

Live on 30 a week for food for 3 adults
Clear as much or remaining credit card as we can. (Currently 4,300 between two cards, one on 0% till nov)
Visit family in Shetland (set for June)
Save towards getting the bathroom redone (ASAP as it's well overdue)

So we will need to be extra good.

Our wages are more than sufficient to live on, we just suck at budgeting and living within our means.


Progress is progress, no matter how slowly it seems to be showing itself - I need to remind myself of that constantly when it seems like time is flying by at an alarming rate.

Good luck and let it be known that I love that final line in your post!

Thanks NYK!

It's true, it's a really hard thing to admit to though.

Good on you for making a clear statement of intention.  Good wishes for the journey.

Thanks Suzan!

Shopping trip yesterday was good, we stuck to our list. Mostly! The only additional thing we got was mouthwash as it worked out way cheaper than buying in the supermarket.

The washing powder works out at 4p a load!

This week has whizzed past!

Shopping today, spent 20.01 which is slightly over our weeks budget!

Extra spend attributed to buying a bottle of wine (3.49) and a cake (2.50) as it's OH's birthday tomorrow.

And! Used two 35p off 2 litres of milk vouchers, saved 70p. Best bit? Only bought 1 litre at 89p! Two pints of milk for 19p!

Bank balance is looking a bit sad but need to remember we had the costco visit at the beginning of the month plus the extra payments to the two remaining cards.  Plus we have cash out for food and petrol.

Deat me, half way through February already!

Janurary ended ok, we didn't deviate too much from the budget but did use the bank cards for food shop a couple of times. Definitley on the right track though.

So far, February is going well.   Cards only used twice for small amounts, otherwise sticking stricktly yo the cash budget. Cost of our veg box has gone up by 1 so rather than increase the budget I have reduced the weekly cash amount by 1! Brave move? Time will tell.

I've been really sick this week so things are a bit off track, not spending though which is good going.  Took the teenager to the supermarket yesterday. She was going to go with her Grandad but i felt a bit better so braved the outdoors for the first time since tuesday. I gave her the list, the money and the self-shop hand thingie. This was her first time being in control and  She was shocked to see the cost of things and now appreciates why we don't always go straight for the brands.  And is now very happy to choose value/cheaper alternatives! She even bought her (expensive) snacks with her own money! Proud mum though.

So, two weeks left of feb and things are looking good. We've hardly moved since thursday night, the car hasn't been out of the lock up and won't be till tomorrow so that's three days petrol use saved.

Big pot of soup on the hob waiting to be split up and frozen for lunches this week. Meal planning will happen tomorrow as we are all off work/college.

We have, sadly, decided to sell out big red fun bus aka old PO van as we don't get the use out of that we used to.  We won't get alot for it but will save a rathernlarge insurance payment, repairs, service and MOT costs which all add up to well over 1 k a year. This will go straight towards remaining credit card debt.

Determination is with us!

Lovely to hear that things are going well for you, Susi_wa,
What a fantastic life lesson for your teenager.  I remember going on strike once when my two were approximately 15 and 16 and giving them a proportion of the weekly budget and taking them to Asda. They very quickly learned how very little the money would buy when you had to get ALL of your food for the week.  They then both went on to work for Tesco's for a while, which taught them even more about canny shopping, (and how to pack said shopping properly in a bag to ensure that it gets home safely! )

My Younger OOD had evidently retained these lessons and I love hearing him and his student girlfriend discussing her uni food budget - they really are good at it!

Wishing you a frugal rest of Feb.  Cat x

6 NSDays this week, just 5.12 spent in Morrisons.

I need to go to Aldi tomorrow for milk and black plastic bags. We have to take OH's monitor back, its not been used as he has not had palpitations.....waste of time and diesel really. Will fill the car up at tesco tomorrow,its getting a bit low.

Not gone through with my strike threats yet Cat, maybe now I know she's better equipped I should!

Hope you're feeling much better now, Susi, and a lesson well learned for junior miss. Shame you'll need to sell your big red fun bus - did you convert it into a camper van?

I am, thanks Frugal.

We started, it's kind of a work in progress! Easy to strip out again. No idea where we are going to put all the camping gear!

Big massive woo hoo!

We got to the end of February, with a good bit of money left in the current account! Reall happy.

We did spend a wee bit extra on a few treats including a meal out the other night, but! A good but, i still transferred money into savings!

Didn't get as much for the van as we had hoped, but overall the savings will add up. Proceeds now in savings, waiting hopefully to see if we get any road tax rebate.

Hubby got a zero percent on transfers deal so the balance of my credit card is now on that, 26 months in total of no interest. That is a massive saving too. (I'm sue I updated this bit aleady, can't see it though)

Yesterday was stock up day. Visited several shops and have a vry full lardrer again.

Got my birthday this month and celebrations are planned. Not my usual style but it's a special birthday so I thought what they hey! I have over 40 of M&S vouchrs set aside, should get a nice wee feast. And cake! There can and must be cake!

So, March, here we go!

Well done with the savings and a treat of a meal out doesn't go amiss when it's not adding to debt - have a great month and Happy Birthday when it gets here.

Thanks Frugal

Have to admit, I'm quite looking forward to it all. Paintballing, mocktail party, cocktail crawl (cos I will be by the end of that day) and just having a good time.

May not be a very frugal month, but it'll be a fun one  

Hope March has proven to be an exciting month, Susi. I'm now moving you across onto out brand new forums, so post here from now on, please.

Thank you for being part of the frugaldom forum folks

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