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Plastic Milk Cartons

Recycling milk cartons - share your suggestions here.

Food Scoops

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This is a 2 litre milk carton

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Draw a line to mark out your scoop

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Cut carefully along both sides, avoid leaving sharp edges

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Keep the remaining part of the carton for making other things.
Keep the plastic screw caps for other things.
Keep the sticky labels off the bottles for other things.

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The sticky labels are great for resealing bags.

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The pouring half makes a great food funnel, leaving the other half as a plant pot for growing, sewing or rooting cuttings.

Blog post is here.

Food scoops is a brilliant one - hard to believe that people buy bird seed scoops for more that 10 for something that that is essentially the same.

We don't get plastic milk cartons now but I have used them as mini greenhouses for individual seedlings in the garden - I'm sure you have done this too.  Just cut the bottom off punch a few holes round the edge so it can be pegged down and then put over plant.  Take the top off to let some air in on a sunny day  

We use a small plastic drinks bottle with the bottom cut off as a funnel for birdseed... and we fell heir to some large bottles from water machines (like you get in offices etc), so the bottoms were cut off and they are used as cloches.

All our milk cartons go to the plastic recycling skip across the road.


Tad, big water bottles sound ace for cloches! I need to make do with whatever 2 litre sift drinks bottles come along. It's something I rarely buy and likewise with the milk cartons - I usually try to keep stocked up with the waxed cardboard litre cartons whenever I can get into town but that is so seldom nowadays that past 2 weeks I have had a plastic carton. As long as I'm getting them, I'll recycle them.

I know its not camping season yet.The plastic lids are great at spreading the weight under tent poles or under the legs of camping chairs to stop them sinking into mud. Jam jar lids can also be used for the same purpose.

Cut up they make good plant labels. I save all the lids and then freecycle them [I am aware not everyone has access to freecycle in their area] and someone always takes them for charity.


I 2/3 fill the small plastic milk cartons for homemade ice blocks for the cool box , and the tetra pack ones are used for making food bricks for the freezer.  

Cut the tops of so you have a topless box, line with a plastic food bag.  Fill with food/drink freeze then remove the bag and stack the bricks saves loads of space in the freezer.

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