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Nosnarcmiks Grocery Challenge

This weeks shopping has amounted to  6.99 for a bag of Dog Food. No more shopping until at least Wednesday.


Is it just me or are you also getting to the stage that you want to actually fight against giving grocery stores money for 'stuff' that just is not necessary in our food stores? I feel like striking against spending the more often I see TV or online adverts for luxury extras.

All the best for 2014 to you and D - this will be a very interesting year.


I hate food shopping with a vengeance now and try to avoid supermarkets at all costs. I would rather go to the Asian shops on the way home from work than to T*sco which is only at the end of the street. I can feel the money trying to escape from my purse when I'm in a big store. All they really have going for them is convenience as far as I'm concerned. Am trying to shop as little as possible.  L*dl's is my supermarket of choice lately even though Mr   T is exactly the same distance and I even begrudge going in there as they seem to be selling more and more fancy goods and Tat. Perhaps, I'm turning into a cynical old bird now I've hit 53. lOl

Happy New Year to you, H & scruffy cat

Shopping for this week has so far come to 2.20 for Coff**Mat* for David to take to work as they have no fridge and he can keep it in his desk.
That's 8.19 so far for 2014. Will need some fresh stuff next week but not until I really have to.

Decided to get fresh stuff in on the way home for church. 23.84 so far this year. Should be enough for 2 weeks at least

Time to update the grocery shopping for the last week.
David went to the shops yesterday and managed to stick to the list I gave him and didn't buy 1 single thing extra.
He's learning at last.

Our total for this years grocery shopping this year is 37.42 so far'

We are still using up our freezer  and pantry stocks.
The freezers don't seem to be getting any emptier as I usually cook at least double for what we need,  so I always seem to be putting stuff back in them disguised as another meal or 3.

We've had quite a low spend start to the year. Januaary's grocery bill came in at 76.71 including dog food & toiletries.

We've lived out of the freezers and pantry and I will try to do the same throughout february too. I need to replace our saving's as my son has needed help with the deposit for a flat. This will helpdo that

We saved a total of 123.29 out of January's grocery budget and I'm hoping not to start shopping in february until next friday.

still have a fair bit in the pantry and my "mary poppins" freezers, so we'll see how we go. Quite pleased with how January went.


Fantastic news, Kim, well done, you should be really proud of yourself and your savings.

Here's to February being a huge success!

Thanks NYK

Big Stock up in Mr T this morning. OH insisted as we have bare cupboards according to him!
Spent 99.43 out of this months budget but got a lot of bargains and had loads of coupons to use aswell. Would have been over 120 otherwise, but it will be stretched to last.
Had to take OH with me as the wind slammed the car door shut on my arm as I went to get in the car this morning. Good job I was wearing a really thick coat, but it hurts like crazy at the moment.

So 100.58 left  in febs budget.

Ouch! I hope it's not too badly bruised or damaged. How lucky were you it got your arm and not your fingers!  

Arm is very sore & I can't carry any thing at the moment as it hurts

spent 18.70 in Asian grocers yesterday. Can't believe the difference in prices between Mr T and them. can only just gt the fridge door shut. David's favourite apples were 1.96 per kilo as opposed to 3.95 in Mr T.
Have spent 118.13 so far this month. savings not so good as last month but there will be some.

81-13 left out of this months grocery budget this month. 70 will go into savings, 3x2 coins in my jar and the rest into my change jar.
My month runs from 23rd to 22nd of each month, so quite pleased with how this month has gone so far.
Don't need to buy any meat for a while as my Mum cleared out her freezer today and I have been given the spoils, so hopefully March will be a good saving's month.

I love when people have clear outs and you are able to benefit from them - I have no shame in accepting my neighbour's surplus, as she doesn't use anything past BBE dates. Well done again with your savings.

I think I should reactivate our signatures, as it is really helpful being able to see totals instantly.

Me too NYK. Recently we got given the remains of the cheese board from a posh do, so that got portioned up and frozen, apart from the soft cheese, which got used straight away.

My sister is the exact opposite. Everything goes in the bin on a saturday morning before she goes shopping, even if it's unopened.
More money than sense some folk, & she;s always complaining about how much she spends on food.

I'm not proud & as long as it smells ok and tastes ok, we'll make the most of any freebies that come our way and bank the savings.

10.86 spent in greengrocers on friday and 25.75 in mr t's today, so 36.61 out of this months budget. Trying to keep it as low as possible again for March

Total spend for March was 103.61, so 96 for saving and odd change in pot.

27.65 spent out of Aprils budget.

You're up next, Kim.

Tour new grocery challenge thread is here.

Have fun in the new forums and thanks for helping keep the Frugal Forums going.

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