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Hello, I am a sahm with 3 boys, a fishing daft husband, 2 dogs and 3 fish. I love finding ways to save a penny or two and enjoy hearing new ways of making things.
I live in a very rural area so things are very expensive here so every bit helps

Welcome on board, Mumo3, hope you enjoy visiting us here in the Frugaldom forum.

We're fairly rural, although not remote, but the nearest village store is extortionate for most things, so I'm in a similar situation as far as cost of food, heating, transport etc are concerned.

I'm in awe of how cheaply town/city/suburb-dwellers can purchase stuff and heat their homes. But I still manage OK on my very tight budget. We simply need to budget in a very different way.

Welcome Mumo3, great to see you posting.

thansk for the warm welcome. I have calculated that my dry goods can be boxed and posted to me cheaper than I can buy them here. royal mail charge 16 for upto 20kg so I save a lot by my brother going shopping for me, and I know of no-one who does not enjoy spending money that is not theirs lol

Where is 'here'? Are you on one of the islands?

mainland but we do use a ferry to get here as going by road would add an extra 1-11/2 hours to the journey. In Scotland west coast

I'm guessing it's Dunoon or there abouts on the same peninsula? Catch up with you in the daily threads.

another Newbie

I have just discovered this site and love it already. I live in Suffolk with my OH. I love all things crafty, homemaking and money saving - trying to work towards paying off debts.
As I suffer from M.E I only work 12 hours a week as a housekeeper but it means there's money coming in and not out

Hi Robsmum and welcome to Frugaldom. I'm sure you will not regret signing up  

HI Robsmum, sorry I missed your first post, I've had a few interuptions and hold-ups about here recently. Welcome on board and please feel free to join in the chit chat anytime. At least you've managed to establish a point where you have some money coming in without it going straight back out again, that has to be a good thing.

Hello Frugaldom
Thought it was about time i introduced myself to you fab people
I have a thread about me beating my debt in 2012 which i am on my way to do this
We have made list of what we owe and what we feel we can pay comfortable and now plan to save money to pay off (starting with our smallest) one at a time.
I have already started to make savings including buying £23.50 of food reduced down to £5 today at my local supermarket, real bargains even my Daughter was impressed and shes only 11
A bit about me
Ive been married for almost 20 years to my childhood sweetheart, we have 2 kids boy 19 yrs, girl 11 yrs and a crazy lab cross dog
We live in a house with a very large garden almost an acre i will have to post some photos shortly as i need help on planning what to grow where.
I love cooking although i think im still learning there and especially if i have grown my own product which i did for the first time last year
I love tips and ideas from this site and am looking forward to joining you to help me in my quest for a debt free and simple life.
Yorkshiregirl x

Nice to hear from you, Yorkshiregirl, your huge garden sounds fantastic! With that amount, you could grow all the veg you need from one year to the next. Bit time consuming, but perhaps you have friends locally who could help out a bit if you also need to factor in any employment?

Good luck with your challenge and don't be shy about jumping in with any comments, hints, tips or questions.


I only just discovered this thread and been here a little while oops
We have decided to live more frugally and build savings up if we can also get rid of our debts.
I am married  to the love of my life and luckily we both feel the same about being frugal.
We have a small garden which is a veg plot in the front growing ,tatties,onions, courgettes, tomatoes,leeks and turnips with  strawberries and rhubarb.
I love making homemade things and all crafts and Hubby is a woodturner and makes us things on his lathe(he is disabled but can still at the moment do this)
Looking forward to learning for everyone on how to save money and be more frugal.

Just catching up with this thread.
Welcome mumo3, robsmum, yorkshiregirl, and welshpoppy, good to see you all posting.

Hello - first I'd like to say thank you for such a wonderful site. For the first time in my life, due to redundancy, I have no paid work. I have just celebrated my 60th birthday and am trying to decide whether to descibe myself as 'looking for work' or 'retired'. I think I am coming to prefer the latter  
I am married with 3 grown up children, one grandchild and another one due in the autumn.
We have had no income for a while apart from a small pension of my husband's which covers the monthly bills - council tax, utilities etc. and so we are living off my savings - my husband has a 'have it - spend it' attitude to money, but I can't bear to not have savings.
I am relishing the challenge of making a little go a long way and have learned such a lot from the internet. I discovered this site yesterday and I know it's going to be really helpful for me. I love the advice and tips, but it's also good to know that so many people are on the same wavelength  
I am enjoying all the things I didn't have time for before - reading, crafting, looking around charity shops and browsing the internet. I discovered foraging last autumn and I am hoping that there are some foraging enthusiasts on this site so that I can learn more.

Welcome to Frugaldom, Caro †I can guarantee there are other foragers on here, myself included. I haven't bought jam for about 3 years, as I now make it from everything I can forage - blackberries, raspberries, apples, hips, haws, elderberries and rowan berries. They all make the lovely preserve that we know as 'hedgerow jelly'.

Enjoy your early retirement, I say, make the most of it for as log as you can and enjoy living your life the way you want.

Good luck with your future challenges.


I stumbled across Frugaldom a few months ago and I can't stop reading it! So I thought I'd join up! I'm all about frugal living and love living in Scotland. I've got the Scottish bug and can't leave. I'm currently saving up to buy or possibly build my first house with my new husband after studying for 9 years and saving nothing. Currently I have no debts except a student loan, but it is a long way to go before we will have enough to put down a deposit on a house!

Oh and I really want some chickens! But renting a place big enough for chickens is proving difficult.

Welcome to Frugaldom!  We were rnting until last June and had the hens, ducks and quail, so it isn't impossible to find a place big enough.

Good luck with your search and I hope you'll pop back here now and again to let us know how you're getting on in your quest for frugal living.

See you in the daily chatty threads soon.

Hello,I have been having a good read for the last few days!
Very interesting to follow the progress as people try out different things.
Its a bit like coming  home  to discover this site.
I hope it is okay if I mainly browse as I'm not much of a talker but I do like to read what everyone has to say .
Duchess of Frugonia

noguilty, it's nice to meet you.  I'll bet, if you find this like coming home then eventually you'll find yourself drawn into the chatting, but, until then, lurk away but do post occasionally, or we'll worry about you

Hi, i have been here a while and never posted, but been getting some great tips from this site. My aim is to be as frugal as possible and self sufficient where i can, i am un employed at the moment apart from a little part time job,after being a carer for my husband for 10 years, sadly he passed away in 2010 so things are tight, i have two daft collies an even dafter spaniel  and 5 quail , and hopefully will be getting some hens this year, i love foraging, cooking, baking and knitting/crochet, and hope to start  upmy own  little knitwear buisness  soon.

Welcome to Frugaldom, chris, I hope we can be of some help to you and your quest for more frugal living. Sounds like you have all the basic essentials already, including the quail.  (I have quail, too.) Feel free to post anytime, join in the daily chit chat if you feel like it and don't worry if we disappear at peak tijmes, such as during the foraging times and mostly through the summer months, when we're all outside preparing for the winter months.

Hello everyone, have joined in a couple of threads but better introduce myself properly.
I live by the seaside in Yorkshire - having moved here about 9  years ago from NW England.
Currently at home I have DS2 (13YO) DD2 + DGS, DD3 is away at uni. DD2 + DGS hopefully moving on soon as DGD is due to arrive in July and DS1 + GF are moving home in June. I have a mad dog, a broken cat and 2 chicks. Would love to have more chickens, plus ducks, bees, maybe a goat....
I have a tiny terraced house back yard but access to a large landshare garden (photos on permaculture thread). Although it's large enough for livestock it's a steep hillside and a bugger to negotiate especially in the snow so caring for livestock there isn't really feasible apart from bees which I'm planning to introduce eventually.
I work 18.5 hours supporting young people Leaving Care which pays the bills (just!) but am trying to motivate myself to start some sort of cottage industry as well as become self sufficient(ish) in Fruit/veg. I rarely buy anything new, try to get it free first, failing that it's off to the charity/secondhand shops.
I bake, knit, crochet, forage (for firewood as well as food, lol), freegle, scavenge and swap.
I've recenlty completed the Permaculture Design Course and am trying to apply those ethics/principles to all my endeavours.
I do go on don't I? Shut me up....

Welcome Jayne, I recognise you from MSE.

Thanks Mama nice to 'see' you here

Hello all! I've wandered over here from MSE & CL & "recognise" some of you from there. Haven't read a lot yet but wouldn't be surprised to discover up a few friends from earlier in the "online frugal" movement.
I'm Angie & I live in a small town near the beautiful Jurassic coast. I share my biggish but tumbledown home & small but productive garden with Him Indoors, 5 Offspring aged from 24 down to 16, two of whom are now at uni and another two home-educated, The Lodger (one of DS1's best friends from schooldays) 3 cats, 5 cage birds, one rabbit (great-grand-daughter of the original rabbit) and 9 chickens, 5 big girls and 4 Pekin/Pekin crosses. I love making things & rescuing things and have built a small business from this; I also write a bit (usually about crafts) & sometimes even get paid for it. When I have time I love to grow stuff, walk in the glorious Dorset & New Forest countryside, forage & preserve too.

We have no debt to speak of other than a very tiny amount deliberately left on the mortgage (due to be paid off altogether next year) & an overdraft which I need to reduce without dipping into savings, but it's important to me to live as frugally and as lightly as I can manage, to free up resources for better use than propping up the military/industrial complex. Plus, I'm a born cheapskate...

I sporadically maintain a blog at and always aim to write more!

Hi thriftwizard, welcome to Frugaldom forums. Sounds like a busy household you run, so feel free to just pop in here anytime you have a brief moment and let us know how you're doing.

I'm Blaine and new to this forum,nice to meet everyone here and talk about this forum together.

Afternoon everyone - I'm Kitchenbunny (also at MSE) and found my way across to this place.  Short intro, there's just me and my Hub, and I'm interested in saving money and getting back to basics - living as frugally as possible while not skimping on the finer things in life such as good cooking.  As my username suggests, I love being in the kitchen and am starting to develop a passion for nutrition.  

I also like motorbikes, camping and good times.


Hi Kitchenbunny, welcome to Frugaldom. Hopefully we'll see you in the daily threads for some frugal chat, where you can share the wisdom of your experience. What are your longterm goals you hope to achieve from all your frugalness?

Welcome Blaine, Kitchenbunny and Thriftwizard [I know you don't I A from CL. ]

Hi everyone.  I found this forum thanks to Aril on CL *waves*

I find myself in a place where I really need to focus on making and saving as much money as I can in the next 4 years.  I'm lucky that I have no debt but I have no savings and very little income to fall back on in an emergency.

I'm looking forward to learning loads from you guys  

Welcome to Frugaldom, Allybea. Like you, I got out of debt but had (still have) very little residual income, so I went full on frugal for several years and it's now become my lifestyle. If I'm honest, I really don't think I could function with a 9-5 highly paid, high pressure job. Being frugal has become my career and I love it. Hope you can achieve your longterm goals with some extra frugalisation and have fun at the same time.

Hello Allybea & Aril (waves) and everyone else too! Any fellow-Ravellers over here?

Frugaldom, what you say about 9-5 jobs really resonates with me. For some time now I've felt that the whole 9-5, shop-til-you-drop world is kind of like The Matrix and I've been lucky enough to escape it somehow, at least partially. Interesting that you see it as a career; I do too, or at the very least a valid lifestyle choice, despite the doubts & sarcastic comments from my academic & high-acheiving family. I've spent the last year attempting to run a shop in our little town but although it hasn't been unsuccessful in financial terms, it's taken far too much out of me personally, & taken away too much time from the things that really matter in life like my family, my household budget, my kitchen & my garden! So I'm relinquishing the lease to someone else wanting to do much the same thing &  retreating into the relative sanity of foraging, preserving & saving money instead of spending it. Other people can keep the glittering prizes; I'd rather see sunshine dancing on a dew-laden cobweb, or glinting on the ripples in the river.

Welcome to all the newbies.

Well said, thriftwizard! There are actually a couple of us on here who used to run shops, too. I love selling things but will no longer pander to the 9-5. What I now sell is in my own time and only when I feel there's a need for extra income. The way I'm setting up my own garden is in a way that I'll can go foraging in that - buit I have scouted the locality and noted the gooseberries, brambles, sloes and elderberries.

Hello Allybea- glad you made it over here

Thanks Aril!

Completely agree re the whole 9 to 5 scenario.  I nearly found myself drawn back into my career after a 4 year break (pressure from ex and mother!!) but realised I would need to pay someone to walk my dogs daily, help with housework and maintain my very large garden.  I have no 'work wardrobe' any more and would need to buy clothes, shoes.  There would travel expenses, lunch etc etc

I love the idea that being frugal and creative about making money is my career now  

allybea wrote:
I love the idea that being frugal and creative about making money is my career now †

Just how I see it, couldn't agree more.

Other people can keep the glittering prizes; I'd rather see sunshine dancing on a dew-laden cobweb, or glinting on the ripples in the river.

Here here, thriftwizard!!

New Member


My name is Wendy, my partner and I moved into our home last July......We have around 3 acres of land, mostly rushes and rocks at the moment, no mains electric, gas or sewage, what water we have is undrinkable. The views are worth millions, house, although unfinished, is a dream. Our aim is to be as self sufficient as possible, work from home selling hand crafted furniture and crafts and most importantly, enjoy whats around us!

Wendy Woo? Is that you? Helloooooooo... see you again soon, was hoping you'd find your way on here to share your words of wisdom.

Hi Wendy - I can't imagine having no mains electric etc.... do you have running water for baths etc and what do you do for a cuppa?   Do you have a turbine and solar panels?

Sorry for all the questions, but I'm intrigued  I'm looking forward to hearing more.    The sign you made Nyk is fabulous, do you have a website where we can look at your hand crafted goodies ( sorry.. more questions )


Hello Frugaldom Highness tis indeed me, woo, or just plain old Wendy - well, rather young Wendy to be exact............ Say nowt!!
Tad 16 - Love questions and talking about our wee but n' ben in the hills....... " do you have running water for baths etc and what do you do for a cuppa?   Do you have a turbine and solar panels?" We have water for baths and the washing machine, but quality not good enough for tea, which is a shame as I drink tea for Scotland! We fill a container at a local garage, well 13 miles away, which is for cooking and cuppas. Not ideal as we were caught out last winter..... No turbine and no solar panels - we have a 5kw diesel generator that we only run for a few hours each evening, toooooo expensive at 80p per litre, that runs our washing machine, heats the water and charges up our solitary battery. We are, in the near future, setting up some sort of Hydro system, but work commitments and the lack of money is keeping us from making progress......
"do you have a website where we can look at your hand crafted goodies?" I am in the process of setting one up. Our workshed is almost complete and will be the hub of industry, hopefully within the month, will post a link as we progress......

Wendy, would you mind if I tagged you and Tad on Facebook, you'll recognise the name when you see it and you're bound to meet one another this summer at some point, even if it's me dragging her to your place while she's visiting here?

Will catch up with FB later on..... already wasted hours b*ggering about and achieving not a lot..... need to give myself a good talking to  

Re: New Members Start Here, Thank You.

Hi everyone,

I'm Christina, I work as a technical author in London and live out west in the suburbs. In 2-3 years my housemates and I plan to move back/immigrate to Australia (I was born in London but grew up in NZ and one of my housemates is from Oz). We are planning to buy some semi-rural land on the east coast and self-build so I am gearing up to learn necessary skills, and as life has got even more expensive recently, also how to be frugal (no easy task!). I look forward to getting advice and inspiration from you all.  


Hi Christina, welcome to Frugaldom and all the very best with your future plans - they sound very exciting! Have a look about the forum and feel free to join us in the daily thread if you have any questions or just to get to 'know' a few of the regulars here.

Welcome to the forum Thorngrove

New start

New member

After weeks of looking, I have finally joined.
I'm a 51 year old woman living in Bedfordshire with 3 mad dogs and 9 chickens .
In 3 years time my DH will finish work and we will lose over half our income. So I need all the help I can get to save money,but still enjoy life.
So please any help would be great. As i sure need it !!!  

Hello and welcome Newstart!

Welcome to frugaldom, New start, I hope this is the new start you're looking for to succeed in your preparations for drop in income. We're all rich in our own ways, just not in the financial sense, so join our merry bandwagon and have fun getting into the frugal lane.

Welcome New Start, you will be very happy here.
New start

Many thanks for your welcome.


hello here

thank you give us a stage to say what we want to say ,to write what we like to do .  
New start

This is a amazing place and I hope you will enjoy yourself on this bandwagon and save lot of money.

Hello there, I'm Pippa, I live in rural Dorset, try to be as self reliant as possible, currently de-cluttering in a really big way, thank heavens for Freecycle.

Hi Pippa, welcome to Frugaldom

Hi, I'm Leizal and I've found my way here somehow via Google!

My SO and I are looking at buying our first home (in a few months, are still living with his parents for the time being) and, having just done a mock budget, are GOBSMACKED at how expensive it is to run a home with mortgage and everything else. Being the natural-ish chef of the two of us, I'll be seizing control of meals and the grocery budget (roughly £200 a month and always looking to make that cheaper) and really need to learn how to be thrifty. It's never been my strong point or his!

Will be posting here and there but am a very good lurker and not a good poster

Hi Leizal, welcome to the Frugaldom forum. I have to say that gobsmacked is an excellent place from which to start your frugal journey, it means less chance of major shocks en route.

Hope your plans all come to fruition - happy househunting and good luck with the budgeting. Don't get too upset if your SO turns out to have virtually no concept of grocery/shopping budgets, that seems to be very, very common in most couples and we all have tales to tell on that subject.

Post anytime you like and lurk away 'til your heart's content. We like regular visitors and occasional guests here.

Welcome Pippa and Leizal.

Morning Friends

I came across this web page and forum while looking for information on suppliers of hens. I live in Edinburgh at the moment but in 1 year 2 months and 12 days will retire and move down to my home in Wigtownshire with my new wife.

I was brought up on farms and generally got to run wild in the local countryside. I developed an interest in all country activities, I shoot, and fish, trap, hunt with my lurcher and forage for what I can get for free. I was taught jam and jelly making by my Grandmother and when I was old enough I got into wine and bear making.

One of my big disappointments in life was not being able to get a country orientated job. I slipped into engineering and now work with ethnic or cultural communities, at least it pays the bills and there is enough left over for boys toys and other goodies.

With retirement looming and a new wife in the next month we are looking to be more self sufficient and green, the hens are my good ladies idea. Probably spend a bit of my Retiral money getting things as near right as we can, with the hope that we will save money in the long run.


Hi Pyro!  Lovely to hear from you - do you know the area to which you'll be retiring in Wigtownshire? There are a couple of us on here from that area.

Your plan sounds like a good one and I'm sure I can help out by way of hens when the time comes - even if I've to hatch them out 5 months before you move house. I can also recomend ex-battery hens, which are often looking for new homes. many will lay plenty of eggs for a good year or two.

Good luck and feel free to join us in the daily chatty thread, or perhaps your soon-to-be wife wouold like to join us?

Congratulations to the pair of you.

Hi Frugaldom

I have had a small house in the Isle for about 4 years but with both my new lady and my self being more active I have bought a larger house in Garlieston. The new home is in pretty good nick compared to most of the houses we looked at in the area, we have practically nothing to do to it.

The other half is a gardener, and although the garden is not massive she intends just to have me heighten the fencing and let the hens run free over most of it, and have raised vegetal patches round the side of the house.

We have plenty of time to look at what breed of hens we will get. My friend, who keeps hens in Edinburgh, has suggested 12 Light Sussex hens and a Road Island Red Cockerel, as they are good layers and it is reasonably easy it sex the chicks at a day old.

We are practically going to be neighbours! I'm in Garlieston quite often, but assume that your mention of keeping a cockerel means you won't be in any of the err... 'busier' (if that's possible) streets in the village. In saying that, I know of several people over there who keep hens and cockerels. One of the other members on here lives in Garlieston, too. Lovely area, even if the natives do enjoy a good conspiracy theory and gossip. Hopefulloy meet up with the pair of you soon, don't forget to give me a shout when you're moving into the house.

Having taken one of the council houses we were a bit concerned that it would be considered anti social to have hens, so we were a bit disappointed and had put it out of our minds. On the first morning I could hear a cockerel, but thought it was from the camp site, but it sounded closer.

As we were driving away in the morning something in our, through the wall neighbours garden, caught my eye and I slammed the breaks on, laughter and smiles all round. Our neighbours are into hens.  

We are coming down for 2 weeks starting the 11th of next month so might bump into you.



Pyro, the cockerel at the campsite was probably one of my Araucanas - sold to the guy there last year - he's on this forum. I think I know where the other cockerel is that you're talking about, though, if it's the same house. I'll certainly make a point of meeting up next month, our paths have probably already crossed within the area. What a small world we live in, eh?

I have bumped into the chap from the campsite and his 2 dugs in the pub. We have only had the house for just over a month, I think we got it the same week that the, Village of the Dammed, story was in the press, and as yet we are still finding our feet.

You canít miss our house, it faces the park and we have a 4 Ft wooden hare guarding the door.

To say that it is a small world is possibly a bit of an under statement, I will explain my theory of known people to the power of three some time, best done when one has a wee bevies on board. But to quote a famous foot baler, Scotland is the biggest village in the world.

I will look out for the big hare & let DD & co know you're planning to retire there, not relocate under the witness protection programme. If you're speaking to Rusty, ask him if there are any piglets yet and how are the chicks doing.

Hi Liezel, Pippa & Pyro
welcome to all.
Liezel, I live not far from you in Birmingham.

Hello all, i'm wullie and stay in Ayrshire.  It was actually my wife who found this site, and pointed me here as i'm an obsessive frugalist!

Basically, I was daft in my younger years and have a lot of debt to beat.  Getting there slowly but surely and any tips are greatfully received!

I hope to learn from you all and maybe even contribute something usefull!!!!!

Welcome on board the good ship Frugaldom, Wullie! We'll give you a bit of time to familiarise yourself with the forum and then look forward to your input. Perhaps our 2013 challenge will see a few new paricipants and a renewed enthusiasm for frugal living and debt shifting.

Hi from Cornwall - I am a wife, mum and grandma trying to chip away at 6 figures of unsecured debt by living as frugally as possible. Hope to find some ideas here.

Hi Longships, you will find lots of ideas on here and loads of support as well.  Good luck with the frugal living, when you get used to it you actually enjoy it.

Hi Longships, welcome to Frugaldom. Hope you can find plenty of helpful hints and tips on the forum and don't be shy about popping in for a chat or to ask any questions. Good luck with chipping away at that debt - anything is possible if we're prepared to help make it happen.

hello, im Aislinn i live on the edge of the new forest but moving back to dorset soon im mum to a 9 month old boy (he's amazing) and im a lucky enough to be owned by 3 cats i found this sight whilst looking for ideas of what to do with used soapnuts and came across the washing gloop recipie amazing!

Welcome to Frugaldom Forums, Munty. Glad you found something useful on here and hope you'll join us in the future as we try to stretch every penny even further.

Welcome Munty.


I am British born, living in Canada, the Toronto area for the past 23 years.

Have a blog called:  where I post about everything I have been up too in and around our 100 year old farmhouse in the country, with a dh, and a dog who is allergic to most things in life!!!!

Hi Appleby, welcome

Welcome Munty and Appleby.


Hello and welcome to Appleby, welcome on board and I hope you enjoy our little frugal forum.

thank you for the warm welcome everyone!

Hi everyone!
I'm new to Frugaldom but not money saving. I visit many frugal / money saving sites but they all seem to lack what you have here..... people who chat and share
I'm a social money saver so love to get to know other frugal lovers.

I work full time from home (self employed) so have to be very careful of the budget as being freelance doesn't always guarantee an income!! That said we do ok but I hate to waste money and as we are moving house next month (I can't wait!) the budget will need a good dust off, especially so close to Christmas!
Thanks for having me x

Welcome NickiSue.

Hi NickiSue, welcome to Frugaldom forums. We'll al look forward to hearing from you in the daily chat thread and anywhere else you care to post, especially with regards to your 2013 challenge. Final quarter of the year is a great time to put plans in place and reassess budgets, so don;t be scared to post, ask or query anything on here.

Hi Everyone,  Just joined today was looking at some information on budget saving ideas and landed here and joined.

I lost my job in July and now have some health issues.
I will not beable to go back to work for a couple of years, and by then I will be in my late fifties so I dont hold out much hope of ever returning to work.  My OH is retired.

I have been doing my best with the budget but after joining here and having a good look around I think I can do alot better.
I will be busy now drawing up my 2013 Frugal Living Challenge budget. Looking forward to meeting everyone

I am in Northern Ireland

Welcome Sunshine!   Love your user name, so positive.  Sorry to hear about your health issues and have fun with your new challenge  

Welcome Sunshine.  Great time to join us here.

Hello and welcome, Sunshine.  Very happy to have you on board for our 2013 challenge and hope that you can manage to make the challenge of moneysaving and costcutting into something you enjoy doing over the coming months. Good luck and feel free to post anytime you want.

Thank you so much for the welcome.
I have been looking through lots of your posts and they are great.
So have started my budget and hope to have it ready to post soon.

Welcome Sunshine

Welcome Sunshine!

A "proper" hi from me!

We moved to Crete 6 years ago, having taken early retirement. We have about 6 acres of land with 450 olive trees which were supposed to be a bonus to supplement my husband's company pension.

With the crisis, the income from the trees is vital, and we have to harvest them alone as paying anyone else is far too expensive. We have converted the land to organic status (we have the certificate to prove it) so we do get a better price for our oil, but the yield tends to be lower than using the "conventional" farming methods.

The trees give us firewood - we have a woodburning stove downstairs - and, of course, olive oil for our own use. We sell the bulk of the oil to the press; the original plan was to market some as a speciality item via the internet, but the regulations and cost of sending it from here made that idea a non starter - Greek bureaucracy at its best. We do sell to friends here, of course!

We are not particularly good at budgeting, as such, but just try to reduce costs in all areas of life. I've always cooked "from scratch", so that isn't a problem, and I make household cleaning materials too. I haven't yet got into making laundry gloop, largely because I can't find washing soda here. I've done a lot of fiddling with electricity use, as that is a major expense - we are all electric, apart from the wood burner and a portable gas heater. Using the tumble dryer as little as possible makes a huge difference to our bills, and while we have aircon that is only used when it is really hot, for short periods; it will blow hot, too, but is only used for that in extremely cold periods - usually for about half an hour before going to bed, to take the chill off the bedroom.

It is always interesting to hear new ideas, so I'll keep my eyes open here.


Hi Fleurie,

You live in the one place that I've always wanted to visit.

hello,glad to have found you!

Hello, I'm Starjump and I live in London.  I am in a strange situation in that I am desperate to get the mortgage paid off because to me that represents a real measure of freedom and choice - but my partner is not that bothered and finds the very idea of frugality and thrift incomprehensible. That means that my frugal path is rather a lonely one at times, so I am so pleased to find people who understand what I want to do.
I am looking forward to reading about all your experiences!

Welcome on board, Starjump, and let me assure you that your situation is not unique, so don't ever let yourself get down about it. Many of us on here are (or were) in the exact same situation.

Have fun with your challenge and you'll soon become 'one of us'.... a bit cookie at times, but always ready to offer some support wherever or whenever needed.

Thanksfor the reassuring and welcoming reply.  I have learned so much already, and will continue to enjoy reading about all your suggestions and tactics - if I feel I have something I can do, I don't feel so frustrated!
New start

My OH didn't believe we could make any difference to are bills. But I just started slowly and now he see that the bank balance is inproving and may be turning the lights out is not such a hardship.
When I started Frugaldom said to change small thing that make life fun and save money. Then they will be come part of your every day life. How right she was.
Hope you have lots of fun here.

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