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2014 Moneysaving Challenges
All the moneysaving and frugal living challenges for 2014
2011 Money Making Challenges
Earn it, spend it, save it, invest it. Whether working from home or running a business on a budget, how easy is it to become a frugal entrepreneur? AKA a frugaleur
2011 Money Saving Challenges
It's the latest Frugaldom lifestyle challenge, coming to a screen near you. Give debts the heave-ho, work your cash harder and invest in your own future.
Arts, Crafts, Hobbies & Fun stuff
A place to discuss frugal arts, crafts and gift making ideas, cheap hobbies and how to have free fun.
Being Prepared
Frugal and moneysaving things that can be done throughout the year to help us deal with the unexpected (or expected).
Blogging, Writing & eBooks
If you're blogging, you're writing. Join me in the NYK Writers' forum, having creative fun in Frugaldom.
Business Talk
Discussing moneysaving ways of promoting yourself and your business. Linked to the Scottish Web Directory.
Competitions, Comparisons and Reviews
The cheapest options may not always be the most frugal or the best money saving buys. You might also like to try entering free competitions.
DIY and Home Decor on a Budget
DIY, decoration, renovation, home improvements and makeovers on a budget.
Foraging for frugal food in hedgerows, parklands, woodlands and anywhere else, for that matter.
Frugal Fitness, Health & Beauty
Health & beauty, easy and cheap diets, weight loss, exercise, well being, alternative or complimentary therapies and the 'Get Fitter, Not Fatter' challenge for weight loss.
Frugal Food - Cooking, Baking, Winemaking on a Budget
For all those tried and tested favourite frugal recipes, batch cooking ideas, using up leftovers and what to make with home produce. Cooking, baking, preserving and winemaking on a budget.
Frugal Life at home and work
Housekeeping, homemaking, moneysaving, make do and mend, recycling - includes seasonal preparations & being prepared.
Fruit & Veg Growing
Homegrown fruit & vegetables - how, where, when and why
Hanging Baskets
An alternative to flowers - fruit & veg
Hints and tips to help with successful herb growing
In the Greenhouse
Home growing fruit & veg in the greenhouse
In the Incubator
General discussion about hatching eggs in incubators
In the Orchard
Fruit growing hints and tips
Keeping Ducks
Discussing ducks, duck keeping, rearing, breeding, eggs, incubation and hatching.
Keeping Hens
Discussion board for hen enthusiasts
Gardening, Fruit & Veg Growing, Microholding & Smallholding
Living off the land and growing your own food regardless of how much or how little space you may have.
Learning how to create and maintain your living & growing space in a self-sustainable way, be it garden, field or entire estate.
Poultry, Pets & Livestock
Frugal living for your poultry, pets and other livestock
Keeping Quail
Discussing quail keeping, rearing, breeding, eggs and hatching
Patios and Windowsills
No garden? No problem! Try some containers on the patio or windowsills.
Self Sufficiency
How much space do we really need in order to feed the family - discuss all aspects of self sufficiency.
Square Foot Gardening
Discussion thread about square foot gardening
The frugal art of turning fruit, water and sugar into homemade wine.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Don't bin it, burn it or bury it before looking for an alternative use first.
Previous challenges and dormant threads
2012 Money Saving Challenges
For all those challenges that are about reducing spending and building up cash savings.
2012 Money Making Challenges
For all those money making challenges we set ourselves
2013 Money Making Challenges
For all those money making challenges we set ourselves
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