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Aril's 2014 Living The Hair Shirt Free Way Challenge

I shall update weekly [I have a diary next to the bed where I am keeping my daily jottings] rather than daily.

My aims are simple for 2014:

1. Recycle even more. I have just discovered a new local scheme which takes empty toothpaste tubes, biccies wrappers and a host of other items to raise money for charity. The drop off is within walking distance. I shall need to reorganise the recyling in the garage for this. An empty plastic box has already been earmarked.

2.Things that need replacing will be bought 2nd hand as far as possible so as not to generate another hole that needs to be filled in the manufacturing process. This will be achieved via freecycle, charity shops, boot sales, jumble sales. Much as I have been doing but more focussed. To that end I have drawn up a short list of things that need replacing which I will have on me when I help out at the annual ringing jumble sale next week.

3. When I do have to buy new I will try and source things on offer or in  sales. I did this yesterday with slippers.

4. As ever I shall shop effectively to keep grocery spends down whereever possible within the time constraints of working and other commitments I find my supermarket a godsend and have discovered a small town Sainsburys in the place I work on a Friday that has much better reductions than any in our town. We will continue with the Sunday lunch meat run at our local Tesco though because that allows us to fill our freezer with good quality meat than we could otherwise afford. I'm not a user of AF because they never seem to stock stuff that I would personally use. I have also recently learnt that Lidl might be coming to our town.

5. Continue decluttering and recluttering. I freecycle far more than I ask for but always like to give to friends and family first. I am also incredibly lucky to receive many marvellous items by way of books etc in this way. Many of my friends and family are lenders aswell so we swap puzzles, books the list goes on!

6. Have a lot of fun. I am fascinated by history and am a nosey old bird so there's loads of things for me to do for free and willing victims erm I mean family and friends who seem keen to accompany me. Free courses, library, craft evenings with chums morris dancing woohoo!

Sorry I have waffled on


Good luck Aril!

I love your recycling aims, great idea.

some good idea's there Aril.

The recycling is something I need to get back into more, have let it lapse a little on the home front.

Saying that, our recycling wheelie bin went out this morning and it was full, and i had an empty potato sack full of empty beer cans as well.

Joys of DS's and their friends.

Week 1

1. Recycling- I have thrown away all the Chrimble cards, old diaries and calendars. The new reycling box has been set up and the others have been shown the list of what the scheme takes It is actually easier for me because it will simplify my current system as I can recycle coffee bags and milk bottle tops in the one place and additional bits that I've had to throw away before.

2. I have bought 2 porcelain mugs in the half priced CS sale to replace ones that have broken and today I bought a pair of Jones ankle boots in Oxfam for 6.99 hardly worn. I've been keeping an eye for for boots since the start of the autumn and these are far better quality than I could afford new even in the sales.

3.Small person needed pjs so used my Matalan voucher for those and I needed new slippers so bought reduced in the sales.

4. Food- some bargains sourced from supermarket and a couple of money off vouchers. Brought down the cost of the SC chilli and the meat loaves this week by mixing turkey mince with frozen beef mince and veggie mince. Lurking naan breads and tortillas from freezer used up alongside and have leftovers to freeze. Have tidied away a big bowl of cooked red cabbage and apple my Mum gave me.

5. Lots of items earmarked for the upcoming jumble sale and 3 things gone via freecycle. 2nd book started that I have borrowed from my Mum.

6. Went to see the Hobbit using vouchers from shop n scan and have today enjoyed a low cost jaunt around a local town with a chum and had a good nose around the church into the bargain.

7. Mending jobs done and work started on making the cs blind suitable for the bathroom.

Week 2

1. Leftovers- the leek tops went in a stirfry along with the leftover  cooked meatloaf that Mr GBT bashed into pieces.

2. Continued with my free medieval course from Future Learn. I am sorry it's ending because I have loved it!

3.Mr GBT saved us 50 by paying for the BT line rental annually rather than monthly

4. From this year's jumble sale I bought a lovely thick woolly jumper with a sheep on it and some summer clothes. For once I brought home far less than I took and no books.

5.Sorted out Mr GBt's old shirts- the buttons have been salvaged but the rest have gone into the fabric recycling as, even I, have finally admitted that we have enough rags to see us both out [probably... ]

6. Made the effort to drop into the small Sainsburys  on my way back from work on Friday- although I am weary for 10 minutes of my time it yielded some good reductions so I shall try and make it a regular habit.


You are doing so well

I still have my Christmas cards on table!!

Week 3

1. I have been busy on the freecycle front- a bag of bath bomb making stuff has been given away and I have been given a bag of magazines on ancient buildings. These will be passed on again once I have read them.

2. Finished my free course on Future Learn- have loved it. Mr GBT has signed up for one on Moons.

3.Have a new recyling wheeze- someone locally is collecting old corks [condition doesn't matter] which they shred and use inside tennis balls.

4. Mr GBT made surprise foray into Tesco and came out with a bag of heavily reduced items. Most are featuring in the menu for next week. This weeks meals have put paid to the leftover chilli, some OOD chocolate given to me by a friend whose daughter works in a deli and all the breadcrumbs were mixed with cheese, an egg and vegetables to make a bake.

5. Free stuff- good nose around my local museum. Learnt some new things....some good blogging material there, dancing at an Apple Howling [wassailing] with free cake and mulled cider and a long overdue trip to the library to top up on books.

6.The CS blind I was converting has been finished and Mr GBT has hung it up. Have rummaged around and found enough paint to redo the cloakroom so no outlay there.

7.Non hair shirted entertainment- small person had good mock results so we went wild in Wetherspoons and treated him to a meal off the 2.99 deal they were running. Concert tickets to see the Peatbog Faeries were bought for April- we got a group booking discount!


Week 4

1. Pile of magazines decluttered to a chum and left over fabric gone to new morris dancing chum.

2. My parents have kindly sourced several jigsaws for Mr GBT via freecycle as he finds them relaxing to do. Mum has given me some unwanted flea treatment for the cat and another chum has passed over some toiletries.

3. One of my clients has had to reduce his hours since his wife died last month but I have managed to make up the extra hours with a new lady and in fact, will be earning more overall.

4.Chum has lent me a Russell Brand book to read.

5.Made the decision to convert a jumble sale jumper into a cardy when I meet up with a chum in the next few weeks. I've also got a jumble sale blouse in the right colours that I might be able to cull for a suitable edging. Nothing ventured nothing gained and all that.

6. Hair free entertainment- lunch with a chum and playing Newmarket for the first time in years. What a hoot!


Well done so far

One twelfth of the way through your annual challenge - sounds like you have plenty around you by way of opportunities for recycling, bargains and entertainment. Keep up the good work.

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